HALO UNSC SMG Blaster - Most famous for its use in campaigns in New Mombasa and Delta Halo, the SMG is primarily known for its short-range capabilities, telescopic smart-link optic and M49 sound suppressors. It's been a mainstay in the UNSC and will liely remain that way for years to come. Manufacturer: Misriah Armory Model: M7 Caseless SMG Features: Blast more with its 6-Dart Quikclip Blast Faster with its Slide Back Action Flip-up Scope Qwuikclip System works with all BoomCo Clip Blasters Easy Handle Grip Smarty Stick Darts (Stick to Targets!) Slide Back Action to Charge
  • Halo UNSC M7 Blaster

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Halo UNSC M7 Blaster

  • Brand: Boomco
  • Product Code: DKN85
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