Microsoft Xbox One Screen protection - Set of 2

Ultra-clear and hard-coated!
The FX-CLEAR-REFLECTION screen-protection film is a transparent, high-tech protective film for high-resolution screens.

Xbox One Screen protection: This innovative screen-protection film is distinguished by its superb, crystal-clear transparency and excellent scratch-resistance (can withstand a 4H pencil hardness at 500 g writing pressure). This highly transparent film, which is very easy to apply and can be removed at any time without leaving a residue, adheres perfectly to the screen without affecting its operation.

Please note
The Microsoft Xbox One has a glass screen that is curved right up to the edges (outer edges, button and speaker holes). However, it is only possible to ensure optimal film adhesion on flat surfaces. Our screen-protection film is therefore deliberately designed to be smaller in these edge areas and does not cover the screen completely in this exceptional case. If the screen-protection film covered the entire screen surface, it would soon start to peel away from the screen at the edges.

Scope of delivery Xbox One Screen protector
2 x FX-Clear screen-protection film
1 x illustrated installation instructions in several languages
1 x cleaning cloth
1 x installation tool (squeegee)
Packages for devices with several screens (e.g. internal and external screens) contain a protective film for each screen.

Screen protector Microsoft Xbox One Screen protection - FX-Clear crystal clear

  • Precisely cut Microsoft Xbox One Screen protection - Made in Germany
  • Optimal and intact screen display for the Xbox One - ultra-clear and hard-coated! Xbox One Screen protector, this crystal-clear, highly transparent display-protection foil is almost invisible
  • Extremely scratch-proof, hard-coated Xbox One Screen protection. Extremely resistant: withstands 4H pencil hardness at 500 g writing pressure, making it highly scratch-resistant
  • Very easy to apply Microsoft Xbox One Screen protector - 100% bubble-free adhesion to a clean screen! The special silicone adhesive layer forces out the air when the film is applied, ensuring that it clings snugly to the screen
  • Note: Curved display edge, foil deliberately designed small! Does not impair operation - the Xbox One Protective film, guaranteed high-quality processing using the latest precision machinery (laser-cutting technology) - accessories@FoliX

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atFoliX Microsoft Xbox One Screen protection Protective film - Set of 2 - FX-Clear crystal clear

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